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How Impact Windows Pay Off

11 Jul, 2014 by admin

impact windows

We’ve talked in this space before about the benefits of impact windows in areas like ours where the potential for hurricanes and the strong winds associated with them is always a looming threat. Preparing for a hurricane means either protecting your windows or replacing them with wind resistant impact windows, and while there’s certainly a larger up-front investment with the latter, most home and business owners might be surprised at how quickly the price starts looking less intimidating once you consider a few mitigating factors.

Certainly there’s your time; in the event of a hurricane warning, whether you’re installing storm panels or simple plywood, there’s time that needs to be spent doing it that could probably be better spent safeguarding yourself and your family. Even if you’ve got plenty of time to evacuate an area, the value of your own time — or the cost of paying someone to install all those sheets of plywood — needs to be weighed against the one-time cost of installing impact windows.

Also, impact windows do more than just protect interiors during high winds. They’re also great at reducing noise, are extremely energy efficient, offer UV protection to your furniture and other belongings, and act as a deterrent against burglars and other intruders — they’re a health and safety asset to any home. Moreover, in most cases insurance companies in hurricane prone areas offer premium discounts to home and business owners who have installed impact windows — and that discount is typically available year after year. Couple that discount with energy tax credits that are usually available for installing more efficient window glass like that used in impact windows and you’re starting to chip away at the initial cost pretty rapidly. Call us today and we’ll run numbers with you — we think you’ll find impact windows are an excellent investment.