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Hurricane Shutters Protect More Than Windows

04 Jul, 2014 by admin

When a hurricane is headed toward your home or business, it’s already too late to take substantive steps toward protecting your possessions or your investment; the time to protect your home with hurricane shutters is before disaster strikes, not after.hurricane shutter

Shutters offer a level of protection and convenience that simply can’t be matched by plywood or panel products. More than simply preventing debris from damaging windows that can be expensive to replace, hurricane shutters protect the very walls and roof of a structure by acting as a first defense against a pressure breach. During high winds associated with hurricanes, air flow around a home or business can be tremendous; once a window or door is breached, the pressure shifts from being spread out relatively evenly across the walls and junctures to putting upward pressure on a structure’s roof.

As damaging as debris that might fly in through windows and doors might be, it’s nothing compared to the carnage wrought by a roof failing; once the roof is lost, everything inside a structure is exposed to the elements, and water and wind damage can exceed the ability of even the best foundation to withstand it.

With hurricane shutters in place before a storm hits, closing them and protecting your home or business becomes a simple matter of turning a crank — or, in the case of electrically operated shutters, pushing a button. Some systems can even be designed to be operated remotely, so no matter where in the world you happen to be, when disaster looms, your property is protected.

No matter what kind of shutters you choose, the best shutters are the ones you have put in well before hurricane season even begins. For more information or to speak with one of our knowledgeable and experienced installers, contact us today!