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Impact Windows Protect Against More Than Just Hurricanes

13 Jun, 2014 by admin

impact windowsFor parts of the country that have seen the effects of hurricanes, there’s no better tool in the architectural toolbox than impact windows. These specialty windows are engineered to withstand not just the high winds associated with tropical hurricanes, but also the impacts from flying debris — and the WinGuard impact-resistant windows (and doors) we offer do even more than that.

First of all, these impact windows can take debris impacts followed by high winds and still stay in their frames. It’s a high level of protection that’s tough to beat, and we offer it in an exceptionally wide variety of sizes and styles that can match any architectural design. But the value of these windows doesn’t just express itself during hurricane season; they’re also exceptional protection on a number of levels.

Our impact windows feature the latest in tints and coatings, filtering out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation. This isn’t just to make things easy on your eyes; our windows can extend the life of furniture, interior paint, carpeting and artwork, protecting them from fading. And reducing solar gain means more efficient cooling for homes that want to have larger windows without outlandish air conditioning bills.

What’s more, these windows stop burglars in their tracks. Breaking windows is the most common way for intruders to get into a home; impact windows stay in the frame, foiling most intruders who were looking for a quick way in.

Finally, impact windows are some of the most effective sound barriers available to builders today. Laminated glass can reduce the disruptive effect of ambient outdoor noise significantly — whether it’s aircraft, road noise, or even a nearby railroad, these windows keep the rattle of the outside world where it belongs: outside.

For more information about our impact windows and other ways to protect your home, contact us today!