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Thinking About Roller Shutters

29 May, 2014 by admin

Exterior roller shutters have hollow or foam-filled interlocking aluminum or plastic slats that form a fairly rigid protective barrier over a window when deployed and roll up neatly into a valance at the top of the window (or terrace door) when not in use. The slats typically fit into edge tracks and provide full privacy and security against break-ins and storms. Common in some areas of Europe, exterior roller shutters are less common in the U.S. although they are used in the southwest and hurricane-prone areas.

Exterior roller shutters can be lowered and raised manually or by a motor. Motorized operation can be fully automated (integrated into an energy management system) or controlled by the homeowner, often with a hand-held remote. Automated operation can be based on sunlight, temperature sensors, or a timer.

When To Consider Exterior Roller Shutters

  • Security is a high priority.
  • Storm protection is a priority.


Shutters Are

  • Higher priority in climates with high air-conditioning loads.
  • Most effective in sunny climates where more concentrated sunlight enters through windows.


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